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A.W.Bell's manufacture of complex metal parts is based on the investment casting and sand casting processes. While the castings we produce are of the highest quality and precision, additional machining can be carried out to achieve even greater tolerances. Our in-house CMM inspection facility can be called upon to verify the accuracy of parts whether they be one-off or large production runs.

A.W.Bell has the flexibility to suit your requirements. Whether you need 1 or 1000 parts A.W.Bell can call upon a variety of technologies to meet your needs. Our breadth of resources ensure that we can meet the constraints of both cost and lead-time by choosing the appropriate methodologies.

Investment casting is an ideal process for the small to medium volume manufacture of parts in a wide variety of metals including aluminiums, stainless steels, mild steel, irons, zinc and silicon brass. Metal parts of complex shape, thin wall section and fine surface-finish are good candidates for investment casting. A.W.Bell uses a blend of best practice manual and automated processes to ensure the success of the most complex parts.

A.W.Bell also specializes in sophisticated sand-castings. Sand-casting is ideal for parts with enclosed shapes where coring is required. Our vast experience with the design and manufacture of sand-casting tooling allows us to produce the highest quality prototype or production sand-castings in the shortest times

A.W.Bell's production machining facility provides precision finishing of our castings to meet tight tolerance requirements. We can handle both continuous and batch production machining of parts large and small.


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