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A.W.Bell has a comprehensive toolmaking facility providing flexible solutions to your tooling needs. We use a variety of technologies including CAD/CAM, CNC machining, patternmaking and rapid prototyping to provide tooling to meet your leadtime and budget constraints.

A.W.Bell was founded as a patternmaking business in 1952 building a solid foundation for understanding the needs of the casting industry. A.W.Bell still has a highly regarded patternmaking facility with several accomplished tradesmen.

A.W.Bell is a premiere supplier of tooling for Disa machines, production sand-casting, gravity die-casting, wax injection-moulding and other industries. A.W.Bell can supply patterns and tooling in foam, ureol, timber, aluminium, cast-iron, steel and tool steels.

A.W.Bell also can produce bridge tools and patterns from CAD data using rapid prototyping methodologies. This provides a short leadtime, low cost solution for low to medium production runs of sand and investment castings.

A.W.Bell's experienced toolmaking team operate in a facility that includes 4 CNC machines dedicated to pattern and tooling production, an EDM machine and in-house automated CMM inspection. Pantographing from existing patterns or tooling is also available.

A.W.Bell's CAD/CAM department uses hybrid surface and solid modelling technology and can accept data in most formats. We can modify existing complex CAD models or produce new data from drawings or 2D CAD files. Our CAM operators ensure the most efficient cutting strategies are used to machine each job and toolpaths are verified before transfer to the CNC machinery.

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