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Rapid prototype part

A.W.Bell is a premiere supplier of complex metal parts using rapid prototyping, investment casting, sand casting and production machining technologies. A.W.Bell is a one-stop shop for development, rapid prototypes, tooling and production of low to medium volumes of sophisticated components in a wide variety of metals. We can produce from one-off to thousands of parts in aluminiums, stainless steels, mild steel, irons, zinc and silicon brass.

  Engine block master patterns

A.W.Bell also specializes in manufacture of tooling and patterns for sand casting and gravity die casting industries. Leading edge CAD/CAM technology is used alongside traditional pattern making techniques. This ensures that A.W.Bell can produce a tooling solution that reflects your timing and budgetary constraints.

Pouring metal into shell moulds

A.W.Bell's rapid prototyping and bridge tooling technologies allow fast and cost-effective runs of trial parts while your product is still in development. Extensive in-house resources provide flexible solutions to your product development needs. Investment casting allows parts to be produced with complex shape, undercuts, vertical walls and other features that may exist in the early stages of development. Parts produced at this stage can be functionally evaluated and running changes made before freezing the product design and committing to expensive tooling.

  Production CNC machining
A.W.Bell strives for continuous improvement in quality, standards, equipment and lead-times. Ongoing investment in state-of-the-art production, inspection and control equipment allows us to produce components with high accuracy and repeatability. ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 accreditation reflects our dedication to quality and the environment.
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