AW Bell
Aluminium Solutions
From our unique ABE (Aluminium Billet Equivalent) process to our newly developed aluminium alloys for high strength and high thermal conductivity, AW Bell is a leader in aluminium casting solutions.
ABE (Aluminium Billet Equivalent)

The ABE (Aluminium Billet Equivalent) process is an advanced investment casting technique developed and used by AW Bell to produce lightweight, high strength, complex aluminium parts.

As experts in investment casting, AW Bell understood that the slow cooling rate of conventional investment casting on aluminium parts inherently produced coarse microstructures which hindered mechanical properties of the part. Motivated by consumer demand, AW Bell set out in 2010 to develop a solution to produce high strength aluminium castings with minimal to zero defects.

The result was ABE, a unique process to expedite the cooling rate of castings. This innovative procedure with rapid and controlled solidification has enabled AW Bell to cast complex aluminium parts to exceptional quality with a casting factor of 1.0.

The benefits of using ABE include

  • Weight reduction
  • Reduced risk of latent defects
  • Ability to cast complex geometric shapes and tolerances
  • Consistent output due to automatic process
  • Reduction of inspection costs
  • Reduction of machining costs


Today, AW Bell uses ABE to produce aluminium parts for the most demanding applications for clients in defence and aerospace. ABE adds value with weight reduction capabilities enabling increased payload, longevity of system from wear, fuel consumption savings and overall improvements in system performance.

This along with our quality assurance processes and systems makes AW Bell the perfect partner for high quality, lightweight, high strength complex aluminium components that successfully meet the demands of the next generation designs today.

High Strength Aluminium Alloy

AW Bell has developed a new generation of excellent castability, high strength aluminium alloy for investment casting and sand casting. This new material has proven to outperform legacy alloys on mechanical performance by up to 40%.

Ideal for aerospace applications where removing grams from a casting can enhance platform capabilities, this new alloy in conjunction with the ABE process provides the ultimate high strength, lightweight aluminium solution.
High Thermal Conductivity Aluminium Alloy

Our new high thermal conductivity aluminium alloy achieves thermal conductivity values never seen before in castings.

Impressively as temperature increases further so does thermal conductivity, making this new alloy by AW Bell extremely useful to applications that are currently limited by overheating components.

Another unique benefit of the new alloy is that it can be anodised, something previously unattainable in heat treated aluminium castings. This not only reduces costs by removing the need for chromating and painting but is also environmentally friendly.

Supported by excellent mechanical strength and ductility the new AW Bell thermal conductivity aluminium alloy presents exciting casting opportunities for components or parts where thermal management is critical such as electrical enclosures and housings.